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Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm Sundays 12 to 4pm

01433 631611 info@grindlefordshop.co.uk

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Volunteers Wanted!

We are very keen to take on more volunteers to work in our wonderful little shop. You don't need to commit masses of time - we'll be keen for any help and will fit round you!

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Our Shop Managers are Sarah Battarbee and Andrew Battye and you can contact them on 01433 631611

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There's always lots going on in the shop and in this beautiful village of ours! Find out what's happening and sign up for our newsletter.

Bishop's Best Project...

We were mighty chuffed to be one of three winners of this lovely award.  It was a glorious day and we arrived at the cathedral amongst great pomp and circumstance, everyone in best frocks and the bells ringing.   After a proper procession and a short sung Evensong – two choirs! - the Dean intoned ‘and as is tradition we will give out the best project awards first’ and we looked at the list and we were the first of the three.  So eek eek eek we were first up.  


There were the choirs ranged in front, the Bishop and a number of senior clergy all in their formal dress standing waiting; the ceilings soared, and there were about 1500 people packed in like sardines behind.  It was quite a moment.   The Bishop smiled his friendly smile and offered us the advice ‘don’t drop it’.  Then it lay on the pew seat while there was some standing up and sitting down, and all those around were eyeing it as if it were a grenade.  But in the event it got home safely and is on view in the church.


The Bishop has promised to come and visit us and we are ever so grateful for his support.  

Don't forget, we've also got a village website with all the village news in it! You can find it at www.grindleford.com and it contains an online version of our village newsletter

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Just to remind you that we can now take CARD PAYMENTS. Lots of you are availing yourself of this facility and we are pleased that your purchases no longer need to be limited by much cash you can find down the back of the sofa…..  


Cashback now available up to £30.


We are particularly pleased with this small but perfectly formed work of art from our own Steve Slingsby, just for you:


Little shop


Oh little shop in Grindleford.

How wonderful you are.

With your sumptuous goodies,

No need to take the car.


A Little Shop Poem





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